rrjedhon; rritet

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  • at time cause of action accrues — Term is sometimes applied to present enforcible demand, but more often simply means to arise or come into existence. Stone v. Phillips, 142 Tex. 216, 176 S.W.2d 932, 933 …   Black's law dictionary

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  • accrue — ac·crue /ə krü/ vb ac·crued, ac·cru·ing [Middle French accreue increase, addition to a property, from feminine of accreu, past participle of acreistre to increase] vi 1: to come into existence as an enforceable claim: vest as a right… …   Law dictionary

  • accru — [ akry ] n. m. • 1829; de accroître ♦ Hortic. Rejeton produit par la racine. ● accru Participe passé de accroître. ● accru nom masculin (de accru) Rejeton produit par les racines d un arbre. ⇒ACCRU, UE, part. passé et subst. I. Part. passé de… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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  • accrue — verb (accrued; accruing) Etymology: Middle English acreuen, probably from Anglo French *acrue increase, from acreistre to increase, from Latin accrescere, from ad + crescere to grow more at crescent Date: 15th century intransitive verb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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